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We deliver HR Solutions through a range of bespoke methods

We offer all services across the HR Spectrum. Our Experts are able to provide you with a bespoke solution suitable for your Company, your sector and prevalence in the external market – always bespoke

Core Services


Larger Consultancies tend to commission their newly experienced, graduate consultants to complete HR projects. Visible HR’s Project Consultants all have an average of 20 years experience across the GCC and globally.

Visible HR do not hire any employees, hence we do not have the large expensive overheads that other Consultancies have: We are able to offer cost-competitive project prices without diluting the quality of our HR Consultants.

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Terry M. White - President

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Across our Project Team, our Experts have worked with a range of Start-ups, SMEs, Multinationals, Government and Semi Government Clients hence we have experience of relevant solutions for your sector and your organisation type.

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